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Thank you for your order. Vibrator will be shipped to you tomorrow at 15:00. Erotic service.

World action against hick. Send to number 25б3 SMS with the text "Do not hick." The more you send SMS, the more you did not hick. The cost of one SMS - $2,5

Your sexual incontinence block mobile phone signal. Urgently have sex, or then your account will be charged $100.

Thanks for reading this SMS-message! With your account was taken of $5.

With your personal account was taken of $10 to the greening of the moon. Thank you for your help. Sleepwalkers.

Congratulations! You won the lottery-gypsy girl! If you can not take the prize within 14 days, we will send a caravan!

Everyday, carefully wipe the screen with a mobile phone - I will not see very well! Monitoring service.

Dear subscriber!
You won a free phone sex. Turn the vibration on the phone, after Shove it in an intimate place, we will call you now. Thank you.

Dear subscriber, you are off for the squandering of state secrets on our network.

What look at the screen? Nothing happened! Just tired of hanging out in a dark pocket! Your Mobile.

Want to have your eyes were large and impressive? Inflate!

This is your network operator. If you do not send SMS for loved one, we will disconnect you!

This message is accompanied by ultraviolet radiation. Normal people go blind from it, perverted - smile!

Do not click!
This is - a virus!
Your phone is locked,
phone is locked,
phone is locked,
phone is locked,
phone is locked,
phone is locked ...
So what? Nervous?)

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