Terms & Conditions

1. Client's obligations

1.1. Terms of Payment

Payment for services is smsfox.ru advance. Prior to joining SMSFox payment is not required to provide services.

Price refers to, without value added tax and sales tax.

1.2. Use of services smsfox.ru

Client is an independent and fully responsible for every use of services smsfox.ru and shall always observe the important provisions of the law, especially criminal law provisions, protection information of ownership, the provisions of the connection and data transfer and copyright.

The Client is obliged not to allow sending data through the service smsfox.ru wearing extremist, pornographic, fascist, or other objectionable, and does not intrude into the private sphere of the recipient.

SMSFox does not validate information sent by the client. Responsibility for the content of SMS is solely the client, she was sent.

The client is also obliged to prevent the illegal and harmful actions and take into account the principles of confidentiality, secrecy password, do not transfer it to third parties, etc.

SMSFox Services are provided to the client personally. Provision of services to third parties is prohibited to the client.

1.3. The client is focused on compliance with the rules of service smsfox.ru:

1.3.1. SMS sending is prohibited, without prior consent of the recipient.

1.3.2. Prohibited by sending SMS with advertising content.

1.3.3. It is forbidden the mention of short numbers in text of SMS. Prohibited from making offers to send a sms or a call to the short number (if the company that send sms is not provided the service on this short number).

1.3.4. Text SMS mailing should be have either a phone number or web site, through which subscribers can unsubscribe or to consult on service.

1.3.5. Prohibited content in the message text:

  • incitement to violence or threats;
  • political agitation;
  • organization mass gatherings;
  • profanity;
  • themes of religion, racism, terrorism;
  • text that can be regarded as a fraud;
  • link to a site containing "adult content";
  • Advertising services "for adults".

1.3.6. Sender id length can be a maximum of 11 characters.

1.3.7. If Sender id - is well-known brand (Apple, Nokia, IBM etc.), to confirm the right to use this brand (an official letter to the company that owns the brand or trusted contact with her, which stated the right to use this brand).

1.3.8. There are cases-exceptions, when the company's name, for example, ┬źNatali┬╗, such names are written on the agreement.

2. Responsibility of the client

Customer is responsible for all consequences and losses incurred by SMSFox and/or third party.

SMSFox as the right to immediately block the service if the customer uses the service illegally and/or violate the provisions of this Agreement.

3. Responsibility of the SMSFox

SMSFox making every possible effort to, at any time to provide services in full and the best possible quality. Any violations are removed as soon as possible after the communication of the client within the existing possibilities.

Customer understands that access to the service, as well as the transfer of the information sent by SMS to the service smsfox.ru depends on technical prerequisites (for example, the functioning of the cellular networks).

If the service is not available, or SMS does not reach the addressee, SMSFox assumes no responsibility If a violation is caused by reason beyond the responsibility of SMSFox.

In particular SMSFox does not assume any costs, fees, expenses incurred by the client to integrate or failed integration smsfox.ru. It also excludes any liability for losses which arise from the fact that a third person wrongfully took advantage of the Internet page or its contents.

4. Duration of the agreement

This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. Each party may terminate it subject to the notice period of 1 month without giving reasons.

The right to termination by reason of force majeure persists.

If SMSFox terminates this Agreement for not depending on the client or the client terminates the reason of this Agreement caused by SMSFox reason, SMSFox reimburse the amount paid by the client has not yet expended for the "Points".

After the expiration of the Agreement, SMSFox removes all related customer data (address book data, archive messages).

5. Data protection

Personal data collected as part of Service smsfox.ru not accessible to third parties.

The client gives consent for the storage of its data SMSFox since its registration on the site.

Final Provisions

SMSFox reserves the right to modify the agreement on the use and description of services on the web pages smsfox.ru at any time.

The client receives information about changes in the Agreement on the use of e-mail. If the client does not agree with the changes, he may cancel the contract within 27 days of the change messages. To do this, notify our finance department of the sales@smsfox.ru.

If the individual terms and conditions of this Agreement shall become invalid, this shall not affect the remaining provisions of Agreement.

This document was last updated on May 31, 2012

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