Application Programming Interface (API) for integrating send SMS-messages in their projects and services. To simplify the integration we have library in different programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat can be connected to your project and send SMS-message to the right place call a single command.

Send SMS

To send sms you need to call the URL address by POST or GET method:<login>&pwd=<pwd>&phones=<phones>&msg=<msg>

Example for use:

$login = 'username';
$pwd = 'password';

$phones = '78901234567';
$msg = urlencode('I am text message');

$result = file_get_contents("

if((int)$result == 1) {
    print 'Message successfully sent!';
} else {
    print 'Fail sent message.';

Description of parameters passed to the server:

Argument Description
login Username of client
pwd Password of client
phones Phone number or a comma-separated or semicolon-separated list of mobile phone numbers in international format without the "+"
msg The text message you send. Maximum size - 800 characters. If necessary will be split into several SMS, sent to the subscriber and paid separately.The size of a single SMS - 160 characters in the Latin alphabet, or 70 characters in the Cyrillic alphabet. This parameter should be encoded the function urlencode.
Extra options
id ID of the message. Used to further identify the message. If not specified, it will be assigned automatically.
sender Sender's name, displayed in the recipient's phone. Allowed English letters, numbers, spaces and some symbols. All names are registered in your account. Dynamic sender id is enabled on request. if this param is empty and not enable dynamic sender id to be "SMSFox"

After receiving and processing the data server returns a confirmation to the Client showing result of processing.

The server sends the response as string:

Response Value
01 The successful processing of request
02 An error in the parameters
03 Authorization error
04 Invalid phone number format
05 Not enough points in Customer's account
06 The message is forbidden
07 Message to the specified number can not be delivered

After processing the message mobile operator, we call your script handler and pass the data on status of the SMS.

The address of your handler, well as method call (POST or GET) you specify in your profile.

Parameters passed to the status-handler:

Argument Description
id ID of the message
phone Phone number

Status of the message. Parameter as string and can be value (1, 2, 3 or 4):

01 - The message is successfully delivered;
02 - The subscriber does not exist, is blocked or not support receiving SMS.;
03 - The message is forbidden;
04 - Message to the specified number can not be delivered.

The status handler is called for each number (sent SMS).

When sending messages from your control panel the status-handler not called.

To send SMS-messages from your own site you can use the example of the appropriate script in our archive.

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