Sending SMS worldwide

SMSFox - a service that allows you send SMS to mobile subscribers around the world. Service for rapid and effective warning to your customers, partners and employees through sms sending. You can create a group of telephone, text sms advertising, signing the message sender, as well as specify the time of sending SMS. You can send your text messages or choose from our library sms.

If you need send SMS-messages to partners, clients, or just want to congratulate your friends on a holiday, then our service is what you need!
According to statistics, sending sms to read 90% of subscribers within 5 minutes after delivery of the message.

services are ideal for:

  • Insurance companies, utility companies, pawn shops, Internet service providers - to remind you of the date of payment;
  • Banks - the message of the movement of the card account and the deposit of loan repayments;
  • Restaurants and clubs - to hold events, events and discounts;
  • Social networks - confirmed a phone number of registered users;
  • News portals, catalogs websites - Notification of new publications.

We use a direct connection to the SMS-center operators, enabling high-speed delivery of SMS-messages.

Why use our services:

Original congratulation friends and colleagues;

Immediately notify the customer about some new event;

Effective advertising for your product by sending sms;

Free storage of phone numbers in our database;

Increase sales through SMS Advertising;

Bulk advertising SMS - news, sales, stock;

Integration the system events for site administrators;

SMS confirmation of registration on your site;

Why send a sms with our site:

We have a library of SMS;

Sending SMS worldwide;

Sending SMS at a specified time;

Convenient and easy to use interface for managing the service;

You choose name of the sender sms;

Opportunity to address each customer by first/last name in the mailing;

Checking delivery status of sent messages in real time;

Flexible rates, which depend only on the amount of payment;